Why Is MSFC Blocking Access to NASAWatch.com / SpaceRef.com?

Keith's note: NASA MSFC is blocking access to links from SpaceRef.com using a common URL shortener - in this case http://srs.gs/jMZ NASAWatch uses the same URL shortener for links sent out via Twitter. The MSFC IT people have no idea how the Internet works. I wonder what other "gambling" sites they are blocking?

Oddly this link points to "NASA's Marshall Center to Conduct Active Shooter Emergency Exercise Oct. 22". Wouldn't you think that MSFC would want as may people as possible to know that this is an "exercise" and not something else? And if MSFC is now blocking what employees can see on Twitter, they may learn to regret this given that social media is often how law enforcement and employees find out what is going on during real shooter incidents.

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