50 Years of Empty Mars Promises From NASA

Keith's note: This 2006 video "Reach" by Karen Lau is my number one favorite thing NASA has ever done for education and public outreach. I try and feature it once a year. The actor in the video is probably 12 years old now. Yet we're no closer to going back to the Moon - or on to Mars on the cusp of 2016 than we were in 2006.

I grew up in the 1960s being told that we'd land on the Moon "by the end of this decade". We did. Then I was told by NASA that we'd be on Mars by 1981. Sure, why not. Now in 2015, nearly 50 years after my younger self was promised Mars by 1981 Charlie Bolden gets excited when he says "we're less than 20 years away from going to Mars".

Had NASA kept its original promise I'd have been 26 when we landed humans on Mars. Now, if NASA does it by 2035 I'll be 80. If.

This is not progress, NASA. Its an embarrassment. And its your fault.

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