Fun @ #BioSpaceBigThink Because Everything Is #JourneyToMars

Keith's note: There is a NASA-sponsored event called #BioSpaceBigThink underway. According to @Astro_Cady "It's all about the future. Spent my 55th birthday kicking off #BioSpaceBigThink for #JourneyToMars for @NASA!" OK, so what is she so exited about? There is nothing online at's calendar about this event - how to attend, what the program is and how it has anything to do with #JourneyToMars except that it has a picture of Mars and an astronaut in attendance. This event is apparently being run by @secondmuse which claims to be an "innovation agency" (whatever that is). SecondMuse runs the somewhat mysterious thing (a White House pet project of sorts) - so maybe that's the connection. I have asked about NASA and before but the CIO office never responds. There is a NASA logo on this #BioSpaceBigThink event so one would assume NASA is paying for it (they pay NASA staff to do stuff).

This #BioSpaceBigThink crowd is the same group who did something called NASADatanauts recently which @BethBeck at NASA's CIO office organized under the radar. Again, there was no mention of that #NASADatanauts thing on NASA's calendar, no press release, agenda, etc. Truth is - these are just playtime events for the digerati and special friends of the CIO - things that have nothing to do with any established NASA strategy - nor do they ever produce a deliverable - tangible or otherwise - such that they can have an impact on the rest of the country. But its all about #JourneyToMars, right? - so its OK.

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