NASA's Multimillion Dollar Dancing Droid

Keith's note: NASA's R5 robot can't complete any of the tasks it was designed to do and placed last in DARPA's challenge in 2013. So NASA sent the robot to two universities in 2015 to see if some students could fix it. NASA refuses to tell you how much this robot cost, why it was developed, or how it works. But before they sent their broken droids off to college for repairs they decided that R5 was good for one thing: dancing in music videos - just in time for Star Wars.

Is this what NASA calls "dancing"? This looks more like a slow motion mime with stiff joints. The video's caption says "NASA's latest robotic addition had been created to "perform in extreme environments." The space agency is investing in robotics for deep space exploration and Valkyrie will compete in their Space Robotics Challenge in 2016."

Oh boy - a robot dance off. I can't wait.

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