The Importance of Being There

Astronauts-in-Training Spend a Year in a "Box", KTRH

"Editor Keith Cowing of says similar exercises have been done in the past, but you always knew at the end of the day you were going to get in your car and go home. It's different now. "You know that, in the back of your mind," Cowing says, "but if you're in the middle of a polar desert, you're being stressed by that environment, and how you react is going to show how you might react to a similar situation on Mars." A trip to Mars would take two years, possibly as many as three. It's important for scientists to find out whether a man or woman can deal with the stress of isolation for that long. They also have to be able to fix things. "How do you select people who are one part Captain Kirk, one part Spock and one part Scotty? I mean," he says, "that's what you're really looking for."

New Arrivals at ESA's Concordia Base in Antarctica

Keith's note: in my interview the "similar exercises" that I was referring to are things done onsite at NASA JSC or at IBMP in Moscow(500 day simulated Mars missions) i.e. facilities where the real world was just outside a door. You can never totally remove that knowledge from the mind of an experimental participant. Speaking from personal experience during month-long stays on Devon Island and at Everest Base Camp, when you are actually in a place where you are profoundly aware of just how utterly isolated - and at risk - you are, you do things differently. And you are forced by that isolation/risk to be creative in how you solve problems - especially those you did not anticipate. There's no 911 to dial (easily) and no Home Depot nearby. Its in these expeditionary or so-called "planetary analog" environments that the human - and technological - factor are truly tested.

NASA needs to be doing much more of the planetary analog work that ESA is so supportive of in Antarctica if it wants the whole #JourneyToMars thing to actually happen.

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