Congress Seeks to Reverse RD-180 Legislation (Update)

McCarthy Introduces Legislation to Reinstate Ban on Russian Rocket Engines

"Today, Congressman Kevin McCarthy introduced legislation to reinstate congressionally imposed restrictions on the purchase of RD-180 rocket engines (Russian rocket engines) for military space launches. This bill repeals language from the Fiscal Year 2016 Omnibus Appropriations Bill that not only allows for the unlimited purchase of Russian rocket engines, but also undermines months of transparent debate and bipartisan policy the was signed into law in the Fiscal Year 2016 National Defense Authorization Act."

Keith's 27 Jan 6:30 pm update: Moments ago Sen. McCain just gave a shout out on CNN to SpaceX as being able to provide a competitive alternative to the RD-180 saying "we paid this outfit ULA $800 million just to stay in business". McCain went on to note that the company that serves as a middleman in the sale of RD-180s between Russia and ULA "involves thugs and cronies of Vladimir Putin".

McCain vows to undo U.S. legislation that eased Russian rocket engine ban, Reuters

"U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain on Wednesday said he planned to introduce legislation that would strike language included in a massive 2016 spending bill that eased a congressional ban on the use of Russian rocket engines. McCain told a hearing on the issue that he and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy would introduce the legislation on Thursday, the first of many actions planned "to ensure we end our dependence on Russian rocket engines and stop subsidizing Vladimir Putin and his gang of corrupt cronies."

Hearing: Military Space Launch and the Use of Russian-made Rocket Engines

- Testimony of Deborah Lee James, Secretary Of The Air Force (not yet posted)

- Testimony of Frank Kendall III
Under Secretary Of Defense For Acquisition, Technology And Logistics

"In this constrained budget environment, we believe that competition between certified launch providers on a level playing field is the best mechanism to incentivize the innovation required to do so. The simple fact is that the Delta family is not cost competitive, and with the restrictions on the use of Atlas, the Department must continue to look for alternative launch capabilities which are compliant with the law."

- ULA Gets A Russian Christmas Gift From Sen. Shelby
- Sen. Shelby: The King Of Political Cronyism and Hypocrisy, earlier post
- Congress Blinks on RD-180s, earlier post
- Earlier RD-180 posts

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