Evil NASA Drone Hack Update

The NASA 'Hack' Is Probably The Most Mundane Hack Ever, Motherboard

"Dan Guido, the founder of security firm Trail of Bits, who reviewed the hackers' claims for Motherboard, said that some of their claims were feasible, but overall, he was skeptical. "I think these hackers did gain access to *something* inside NASA," Guido said in an email. "It was clearly unclassified since all of the servers they claimed to hack were online on the internet. I doubt they are accurately describing their breach and that the reality is likely even more mundane. This obfuscation is likely motivated both by a desire to hype their reputation and to obfuscate efforts at incident response in NASA." In fact, a screenshot they included in the zine, claiming that it showed how they bypassed NASA firewalls, seems to be lifted from a NASA site."

NASA Brushes Off Claims One Of Its Drones Was Hacked, Forbes

"NASA has a lot of freely-available information that hackers could claim was taken from internal systems. The agency's Open Data websites offer more than 30,000 datasets for interested parties."

- Did Someone Hack NASA's Evil Drones? Answer: No., Earlier Post

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