NASA FY 2017 Budget News Today

Bolden Speech Highlights "State of NASA" Events at Agency Centers Feb. 9

"NASA centers across the country are opening their doors Tuesday, Feb. 9 to media and social media for "State of NASA" events, including a speech from NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, and unique opportunities for a behind-the-scenes look at the agency's progress on its journey to Mars. These events follow President Obama's Fiscal Year 2017 budget proposal delivery to the U.S. Congress. Also on Tuesday, at 5 p.m. NASA Chief Financial Officer David Radzanowski will brief media on the agency's 2017 budget proposal."

Detailed NASA budget info is now online at

Basic NASA Budget information is online at

Budget charts for NASA media briefing at 5 pm ET - live at

Keith's note: Once again there will be no media interaction with Charlie Bolden (or Dava Newman) about NASA's budget, priorities, policy, etc. Also, the various HQ AAs used to do media briefings. No more of that either, it would seem. Also, it is important to note that none of the prime players in NASA's FY 2017 budget request at the White House will be in their jobs a year from now. The same goes for senior leadership on the 9th floor at NASA Headquarters. As such, don't expect anything exciting in this budget - and certainly don't expect anyone to be taking any heroic measures to see this budget through the process.

Keith's update: Based on initial budget documents, the White House is asking for $19.0 Billion for NASA. That is $300 million less than the FY 2016 enacted level. Their run out project shows them asking for $18.8 Billion for FY 2018 - $500 million less than 2016. The incoming Administration will tweak the FY 2018 budget but not with any consistency. Maybe a supplemental appropriation will happen but with a habit of budget fights, continuing resolutions, etc. No one should be expecting a NASA windfall any time soon. The soonest you will see the new Administration have a budget that is truly their own is FY2019 and we won't see that until February 2018.

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