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Industry Jockeys Over ICBM Motors For Commercial Space Launch, Defense News

"Newer companies generally use liquid-fuel rocket technology, considered more cost-effective for certain missions. It only makes financial sense to build a commercial version of a launch vehicle fueled by solid ICBM rocket motors if the US government pays the majority of the cost, argued Richard DalBello, Virgin Galactic vice president for business development and government affairs. "I have heard the argument that anybody could use these [ICBM] assets. But all new, efficient, launch companies have chosen liquid rocket technology over solid technology," said DalBello. "Saying everyone could use these assets is like offering railroads and airlines all the used boxcars they want. The problem is that the airlines are not in the boxcar business."

Keith's update: Its funny how one company that was given a brand new spaceport by taxpayers - a spaceport that currently has nothing flying into space - is complaining about the possible use of taxpayer-funded rocket motors by other space companies - motors that taxpayers are paying to store in a warehouse. Space companies should be focusing on flying things into space instead of trying to keep others from doing so.

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