NASA Is Still Kicking The Can Down The Road on the #JourneyToMars

Make Mars great again: Can the 2016 election save NASA's Journey to Mars?, Ars Technica

"Bolden hasn't really leveled about two basic truths regarding Mars: it will cost a hell of a lot of money to do it NASA's way, and it's going to take a commitment like the nation hasn't seen since the Apollo program. NASA presently has neither the money nor the commitment from Washington. Many who grasp the challenges of actually going to Mars, including those on the inside, realize this. "I can tell you that my colleagues, at least 90 percent if not more, don't really think we have a good plan," one veteran astronaut, who hopes to fly again and therefore sought anonymity, told Ars. Inside the astronaut office they joke about the Journey to Mars. "I think we've almost done negative work in the last seven years," this flier said."

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