Dawn Brooke Owens

Keith's note: Brooke Owens has left the planet. Ad Astra.

A memorial service for Brooke Owens will be held at Clear Creek Community Church, in League City, TX, at 10:00am on Saturday July 9th. In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation in Brooke's name to one of the three following organizations:

Friends Thru The Fight (FTTF), a local non-profit which supports breast cancer patients through their treatment and were present in loving on Brooke and her family over the past few months, by visiting friendsthruthefight.org.

AidChild, a non-profit organization that Brooke served with that supports orphans living with HIV/AIDS who do not have the support of extended families in Uganda, by visiting http://aidchild.org/.

Mercy's Village International, an organization that Brooke served with dedicated to fighting poverty through the education of children and the empowerment of girls and young women, by http://www.mercysvillage.org/.

If you have any photos, memories or things like poetry or songs of or by Brooke, please send them to dawnbrookeowensmemorial - at - gmail.com

Posting by Brooke Owens, WhiteFive Designs, 6 April 2015

"In 2014 my word was "struggle." Learning at 34 that you have a death sentence after being 3 years in remission is a pretty debilitating blow. And when Death is breathing down your neck, life becomes such struggle. And it's still really hard. And there are good days and bad ones. Wins and losses. But know what my phrase is for 2015? 'Joie de vivre'! Living with a terminal diagnosis remains tricky. But I have struggled and grieved and yet I'm still here a year later and so - let's party!"

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