Has NASA Lost Its Mojo?

Elon Musk plans manned mission to Mars by 2024, Mashable

"If things go according to plan, [we] should be able to launch people by 2024 with arrival in 2025," said Musk. Musk noted that in order to build growing cities on Mars - putting his multi-planet species idea in action - SpaceX will need to develop the ability to transport larger numbers of people and millions of pounds of hardware."

Why does SpaceX market space better than NASA?, Teslarati

"The question of what makes SpaceX so different in marketing space technology is still a difficult one for me as my personal reasons for admiring their progress has little to do with the aesthetics of the achievements. I admire the true progress they're making and the relatability of what they're developing to what their larger goals are. NASA may be truly making progress towards a "Journey to Mars", but when compared to the advancements SpaceX has achieved, it seems more like thus far, they just have a guitar amp that "goes to 11"."

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos: We Should Settle Mars 'Because It's Cool', Fortune

"We could build gigantic chip factories in space and just send little bits down," he said. "We don't have to build them here." But then, sensing the obvious next question from the audience, Bezos interrupted himself to declare: "We will settle Mars. And we should, because it's cool."

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