The Cost Of Reporting News

NPR Photographer, Interpreter Killed In Afghanistan, NPR

"David Gilkey, an NPR photojournalist who chronicled pain and beauty in war and conflict, was killed in Afghanistan on Sunday along with NPR's Afghan interpreter Zabihullah Tamanna. David and Zabihullah were on assignment for the network traveling with an Afghan army unit, which came under attack killing David and Zabihullah. David was 50 and Zabihullah, who for years also worked as a photographer, was 38-years-old."

Keith's note: I used to be a professional interpreter and I sometimes act like a journalist. And I have reported from somewhat dangerous places. But not like this team - not even remotely close. These guys pushed the envelope so that we could understand the hell that others are going through - in a way such that we can comfortably listen/read about all of it during our morning commute. Your enlightened world view has a human cost folks.

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