Coalition For Deep Space Exploration Wades Into Partisan Waters

Coalition for Deep Space Exploration Member Futuramic Recognized by Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton, Coalition for Deep Space Exploration

"The Coalition for Deep Space Exploration (Coalition) is pleased one of its members, Futuramic Tool & Engineering (Futuramic), was recognized yesterday by Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton as "being on the front lines of a manufacturing renaissance in America." ... Clinton referenced Futuramic's role in the manufacturing of SLS stating the rocket was "being built to go from Macomb (Michigan) to Mars."

Keith's update: Looks like the Coalition for Deep Space Exploration's lobbying worked - almost - "NLSLS" (what she said) is not SLS - and Third World countries do build rockets. But Hillary did say "Mars".

Keith's note: The article that is linked to makes no mention of space. So why is this space industry lobbying group promoting Clinton's speech? Do they know that she will say something about space in her speech? Or are they using a partisan political event to promote SLS and Orion?

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