NASA Future In-Space Operations: 2028 Human Mission to Orbit Mars and Visit its Moons

NASA FISO Presentation: Mars Science Enabled by the Mars Base Camp 2028 Proposed Architecture

"Dr. Steve Jolly is the Lockheed Martin Chief Engineer for the Civil Space line of business. He was the Chief Engineer and Principal Scientist for the GOES-R program and Chief Engineer and Deputy PM for the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Steve Bailey has worked exclusively on human and robotic space exploration systems since 1983."

Note: The audio file and presentation are available online and to download.

Marc's note: The concept of a human pre-cursor mission to Phobos and Deimos is not new. I remember having lunch with Pascal Lee of the SETI Institute/Mars Institute along with Elon Musk in 2004 where Pascal pitched the Phobos mission. Elon wasn't interested. However not too long afterward Buzz Aldrin was. In fact, he called me while I was still working with the Mars Institute to discuss the idea and offer his support.

Advocates of a direct mission to Mars will vocally disagree and I can't blame them. After all, we've been discussing a human mission to Mars for as long as I can remember and we're still years from it becoming a reality. But, the idea of a pre-cursor mission is still worth discussion and consideration.

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