New Improved Open NASA Can't Find Its Own FOIA Page

NASA Open Government 2016 Plan, NASA CIO

Keith's 15 Sept note: With regard to the Open NASA thing at FOIA this report says "NASA's FOIA program provides access to agency documents through a citizen-centered service. NASA is committed to providing the public with excellent customer service as well as access to disclosable agency documents in accordance with all appropriate laws and regulations. Each Plan listed improvements, consolidations, and revised processes. Each of these commitments was met, and the effort to provide excellence continues."

With regard to the "excellent customer service" that the NASA CIO is so excited about, if you go to you get:

"Not Found The requested URL /foia was not found on this server. Apache/2.4.7 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 443"

If you go to NASA's actual FOIA page and click on "Submit a FOIA Request
+ View Form"
- it also links to which leads you to the same dead link.

So much for enhanced customer service by the NASA CIO.

Keith's 18 Sept note: It took NASA 3 days to fix this problem once it was highlighted here. Just sayin'

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