Boeing Confirms Another Starliner Delay

Boeing delays Starliner again, casting doubt on commercial flights in 2018, Ars Technica

"After an initial delay from late 2017 into early 2018, Boeing has acknowledged a second slippage of its schedule for the first commercial crew flights of its Starliner spacecraft. According to a report in Aviation Week, the company now says it will not be ready to begin operational flights until December 2018, a full year after NASA had originally hoped its commercial crew providers would be ready. The admission by Boeing confirms a report by NASA's Inspector General, which found significant delays with both the Boeing and SpaceX efforts to develop private spacecraft to ferry US astronauts to and from the International Space Station. The delay also explains why, as Ars has previously reported, senior managers with the International Space Station program are likely to press ahead with the politically painful decision to purchase Soyuz seats for the calendar year 2019."

- Industry Groups Avoid Mention of OIG Reports on Cost/Schedule, earlier post
- NASA OIG Report Predicts Commercial Crew Delay To Late 2018, earlier post

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