Second Trump Space Op Ed Omits Support of SLS, Orion, ARM, #JourneyToMars

Donald Trump's "peace through strength" space doctrine, op ed, Space News

"A key Trump goal will be to create lower costs through greater efficiencies. We must ensure that space products developed for one sector, but applicable to another, will be fully shared, not duplicated. It makes little sense to develop numerous launch vehicles at taxpayer cost, all with essentially the same technology and payload capacity. Coordinated policy could end such duplication of effort and could likely determine where there are private sector solutions that do not necessarily require government investment."

Keith's note: A second Trump space policy op ed in 2 weeks - and still no overt mention of support for SLS/Orion, ARM, or #JourneyToMars - just the same statement that government should not be developing launch capabilities when the private sector can do so.

- Trump Space Advisors Omit Support of SLS, Orion, ARM, #JourneytoMars, earlier post

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