Trump and Clinton Campaigns Talk Space

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump weigh in on U.S. space policy, Space News

"TRUMP: After taking office, we will have a comprehensive review of our plans for space, and will work with Congress to set both priorities and mission."

"CLINTON Today, thanks to decades of successful American robotic explorers, we know more about the universe than ever before. We have learned that asteroids have shaped life on our home planet and will likely affect our future. Their scientific value and their potential as a resource make them valuable targets for further exploration. Many of the technologies we need to send astronauts to an asteroid can also serve as foundational technologies that will be necessary to make human exploration of Mars possible. While President Kennedy set NASA on a course to win the race against Russia to get to the moon, today, human spaceflight is a global endeavor, with astronauts and cosmonauts living and working together on the International Space Station -- a remarkable facility developed with 15 international partners. America should continue to push the boundaries of space and lead a global effort of exploration. I have always been an enthusiastic supporter of human space flight. My administration will continue to invest in this worthwhile endeavor. Mars is a consensus horizon goal, though to send humans safely, we still need to advance the technologies required to mitigate the effects of long-duration, deep-space flight."

Keith's note: In other words Trump has no idea. Clinton, on the other hand ...

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