'Gov' Okoloise

"Governor A. Okoloise passed away on Sunday, May 21, 2017 at age 49. His family came to America from Nigeria when he was a boy. Gov, as we called him, worked at Johnson Space Center for the past 24 years. A dedicated space worker, he certified space life sciences and exercise hardware throughout the 90s. Most recently, he was responsible for the design, assembly and safety of the EMU Space suit and hardware used during ISS space walks (EVA). He was a congenial and personable friend to everyone, going out of his way to help others as much as possible."

His Mother and seven siblings survive him, and all who knew him will greatly miss him.

A brief flag raising ceremony in his honor, today at 12:50 PM, will be held, where the American flag over the Mission Control Center will be presented to his family.

June 3, 2017, at 10 AM
Sugar Land Mortuary
1818 Eldridge Road, Sugar Land, Texas 77478
Internment at Houston Memorial Gardens

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