SLS Social Media Folks Need A History Lesson (Update)

Keith's 9 May note: After leaving it online for 4 days with (last time I checked) 525 retweets and more than 200 likes, this tweet easily resulted in millions of Twitter impressions. It was factually wrong, NASA knew it was incorrect, admitted that it was incorrect, but let it stay online all this time, thus deliberately misinforming millions of taxpayers, students etc. This is what the tweet looked like before it was deleted.
And of course, @NASA_SLS left their correction online without the original tweet that it was correcting. Go figure.

Keith's 5 May note: (sigh) This is something that anyone can Google. Its more than sad when an official NASA social media account - one followed by 75,000 people - strays outside of its intended topic and screws up Space History 101 so badly.

Keith's 7 May 10 am EDT update: No one at NASA seems to have noticed this official error. Last night this @NASA_SLS tweet had 161 retweets and 385 likes. Now its up to 203 retweets and 515 likes. Lets see where it is tomorrow. All those people are being misinformed by NASA itself. Alas, barely a month ago we laid the first American to orbit Earth to rest - and his name was John Glenn. I can understand the general media getting confused about NASA events half a century ago - but NASA? And yet NASA gets all upset when people wonder if we ever landed on the Moon. This certainly does not help things in an era of so-called "fake news".

Keith's 7 May 2:00 pm EDT update: Oops my mistake: @NASA_SLS does know that it made an error. But it took them half a day to notice. So, instead of deleting the incorrect and misleading tweet, they say "oops" at 1:19 am EDT on 6 May and just leave the incorrect tweet up for yet another day (or longer?) so as to continue to officially misinform people. Baffling.

Keith's 8 May 9:00 am EDT update: NASA apparently does not care if it deliberately misinforms people. Then again the White House wants us to believe that Andrew Jackson could have prevented the Civil War...

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