Bolden Is Worried About Trump's Tweeting

How Long Will ISS Remain Isolated From Terrestrial Politics?, earlier post

Keith's note: How long is the ISS going to be able to remain an orbital, Antarctic-like, politics-free zone? The longer it manages to remain apart from terrestrial turmoils, the more space exploration speaks to a way to transcend such things. But there has to be a breaking point sooner or later.

Book Review: The Orbital Perspective, earlier post

"Perhaps the most pervasive theme in Garan's writing about the orbital perspective is collaboration - across disciplines, cultures, geography, income, and politics. To make his point he delves into the challenges that faced the International Space Station program. Curiously, as relations between the West and Russia have deteriorated due to Ukraine, the one joint endeavor that continues, more or less unaffected, is the ISS program. Therein lies lessons for many other projects, according to Garan."

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