KSC Prepares For Irma

Hurricane Irma's approach hasn't deterred SpaceX, Orlando Sentinel

"Hurricane Irma's approach toward Florida hasn't deterred SpaceX's plan to launch a rocket Thursday. The Elon Musk-led space company announced Wednesday that a 5-hour, 5-minute window will open at 9:50 a.m. Thursday. U.S. Air Force officials have said that the chances of a launch sit about 50 percent. SpaceX will try to land the rocket on a landing zone, a move expected to result in a sonic boom that will be heard across Central Florida. If the Falcon 9 rocket does not go up, a second window will open at an undetermined time Friday."

Still repairing from Matthew, Kennedy Space Center preps for Hurricane Irma, Click Orlando

"On Wednesday, Kennedy Space Center enacted a HURCON IV declaration by the Emergency Operation Center, meaning center managers are preparing facilities and their employees for 58 mph winds within 72 hours. ... Under a HURCON declaration all normal operations stop to prepare for the storm, according to NASA."

- Video Of Space Station Orbital Pass Over Hurricane Irma
- Hurricane Irma Seen From Orbit By Eumetsat
- Suomi NPP Observes Barbuda As Hurricane Irma Attacked

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