Space and Politics During Alabama Campaign Stops

Vice President Pence to Visit NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

"Vice President Mike Pence will visit NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, on Monday, Sept. 25. The Vice President will tour Marshall to get an update on the progress of the Space Launch System rocket and International Space Station science operations as the agency prepares for missions to deep space, around the Moon and ultimately to Mars."

Keith's note: Just to be clear the reason why VP Pence is visiting MSFC is because he was already going to be in Alabama to stump for Luther Strange - not the other way around. NASA TV seems to be uninterested in this event - no coverage is being shown on the schedule. But you can see what other people are saying about this on Twitter. Oddly NASA made a big deal about televising Pence's visit to KSC in July. Maybe they are afraid that Pence will touch some space hardware again.

Keith's update: A last minute chat with the ISS crew - on NASA TV - has just been announced.

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