National Space Council Meeting (Update)

Keith's 5 Oct update: The Vice President's office just called to apologize for me not getting credentialed for today's National Space Council meeting. They were very nice and, as happens with large events here in DC, my name fell through the cracks. FWIW very, very few people here in DC ever admit making a mistake and even fewer ever apologize.

Keith's 4 Oct update: I followed all the rules that the White House laid out for media asking to attend and cover this event and cc:ed NASA on the email I set them - yesterday. I never heard back. They are now hand-picking which news media can cover their events and which ones cannot. Not a good sign. At least there's a webcast for the rest of us who won't be allowed to attend.

Keith's 3 Oct note: Last week the White House issued a short press release stating that "the first meeting of the National Space Council is scheduled for October 5, 2017 at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, Virginia. The meeting, titled "Leading the Next Frontier: An Event with the National Space Council," will include testimonials from expert witnesses who represent the sectors of the space industry: Civil Space, Commercial Space, and National Security Space."

I had to dig around but there was a White House media advisory issued today. The event will be streamed online on NASA TV and via starting around 10:00 am. The event itself is only 2 to 2.5 hours long (not mentioned on the advisory).

Even though I live 11 miles away I most likely won't be going since NASA stopped issuing formal laminated press credentials more than a decade ago and I am self-employed i.e. I'd have to make my own press badge at Kinkos or something - and that usually gets you an interview with government security people at events like this in DC. I have followed the process laid out by the White House press office with a cc: to NASA and am waiting for a reply.

There is nothing online anywhere to suggest that the public can attend this event so it looks like it is going to be an expensive photo op with only a select few actually in attendance listening to pre-written statements being read before the cameras. The expense of taking over a large portion of a busy museum seems to be for the purpose of providing impressive backdrops for a meeting that is mostly show and little substance.

Keith's 4 Oct update: The public is apparently not going to be allowed to attend but 100-150 hand-selected special guests are being invited. There will be three panels for this event:

- National Security: Mike Griffin; Pam Melroy, DARPA; and James Ellis, Space Foundation
- Civilian Space: Marillyn Hewson, Lockheed Martin; Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing; and David Thompson, Orbital ATK
- Commercial Space: Bob Smith, Blue Origin; Gywnne Shotwell, SpaceX; and Fatih Ozmen, Sierra Nevada

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