Bot-Generated NASA Fake News Word Salad

Jim bridenstine, donald trump's choice to lead nasa back to the moon, has a new take on climate change -- quartz, Hearthstone

"Earliest now (November. one), senator Value Admiral leveled a liberal onslaught: You are categoric, very factious, and as well ultimate, with a legend of quizzical clime body of knowledge, advocating one-sidedness off LGBT Americans, and herself offensive mankind ilk quondam chairman Barack Obama and senator Bathroom McCain. He wasn't conversation astir chairman Donald Announce global warming and climate change pdf. Admiral was conversation astir Donald Trump's pick to first place NASA, typical Jim Bridenstine, a even-youthful 42 yr-ancient with a cherish championing aerospace. A earlier Naval flyer elective in 2012 to symbolize Oklahoma in Relation, Bridenstine prefab his alias as a devoted counsel of right scheme what is global warming pdf file. He streptopelia into dispute upon migration, condition moderate, and federal fastness, and united the Discretion Caucus, a assortment of adult Republicans who fight not good Democrats on the other hand whatever Politician chieftain search two-party center loam."

Keith's note: This is what happens when an Indian text generator bot with a poor English module tries to autowrite an article on the next NASA administrator and then autotweets it through a Twitter bot. Or, better yet, this article has been cycled back and forth through an autotranslator bot between one language and another multple times with new translation errors piled on top of previous translation errors - and is then tweeted out by a bot that says it is in the Cayman Islands.

Actually this is all about click bait that sends you to a landing site with ads. Every time someone visits the ad gets seen. There are just enough words in what appear to be sentences to fool the search bots. But there are more sophisticated bots out there that actually write news stories automatically and in many cases you have no idea that you are reading something written by a non-fuman. It is going to become increasingly common to see news stories that have never been touched by human hands, so to speak.

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