Twitterbots Are Attacking Bridenstine

Keith's note: Here is a larger version of the image. See for yourself. This covers just 2 hours of twitterbot spamming. Each click creates a unique URL that the sponsor uses to learn which Twitter accounts are getting the most click throughs. This is a methodical campaign and the sponsor(s) make no effort to hide that fact. These things cost money. This is the current meme from @ClimateTruth: "Tell The Senate: Reject Climate Denier Jim Bridenstine as head of NASA #StopBridenstine". If you go to the petition site and enter a name and email they do not send a confirmation email to let you prove who yo are (I tried). So the name "Holden MuGroyne" is on their petition now. Oddly many of the Twitter accounts tweeting #stopbridenstine stuff follow CT Gov @DanMalloyCT yet if you look at his followers you will see that all of them have protected accounts that you cannot follow. Something strange is going on.
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