NASA Issues NextSTEP ISRU Contracts to 10 Companies

NASA Selects US Companies to Advance Space Resource Collection

"NASA has selected 10 companies to conduct studies and advance technologies to collect, process and use space-based resources for missions to the Moon and Mars. NASA placed a special emphasis on encouraging the responders to find new applications for existing, terrestrial capabilities that could result in future space exploration capabilities at lower costs."

The first track is for one-year studies to identify technology gaps associated with ISRU, and to further define the benefits of including it in space mission architectures. The organizations selected for Track 1 are:

- Blue Origin, Kent, Washington
- United Launch Alliance, Centennial, Colorado
- University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois
- UTC Aerospace Systems, Windsor Locks, Connecticut

The second and third tracks address technology development and demonstration for as long as three and a half years. Component-level development and testing in simulated space environments is the focus for Track 2 selections, which are:

- BlazeTech Corporation, Woburn, Massachusetts
- Paragon Space Development Corporation, Tucson, Arizona
- Skyhaven Systems, Steamboat Springs, Colorado
- Teledyne Energy Systems, Hunt Valley, Maryland

The third track include extensive subsystem development and testing in simulated space environments Selections for this track are:

- Honeybee Robotics Spacecraft Mechanisms Corporation, Pasadena, California
- OxEon Energy LLC, Clearfield, Utah

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