A Strange Way To Do NASA Mission Media Outreach (Update)


Keith's note: Yesterday I posted a Twitter response to a tweet my New Horizons mission PI Alan Stern. This is what it originally looked like in case it is deleted. My response originally said "Strange media strategy for New Horizons #UltimaThule encounter. Mission PI @AlanStern tweets link to his own mission twitter account @NewHorizons2015 - not NASA's mission Twitter account @NASANewHorizons - and then he bans certain media outlets from following his twitter account."

@NASAWatch is still banned from following or reading this Twitter account - an account regularly used by a NASA-funded PI to convey information about a NASA-funded mission. Any annotation about this Twitter account being "personal" is meaningless and is amply contradicted by the way that Stern uses it. It is now (apparently) accepted practice by NASA to allow mission PIs to block access to mission information - as they please.

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