AFL-CIO President Claims That Furlough "Puts ISS At Risk"

AFL-CIO head pushes back against Trump's claims, MSNBC

Go to 7:50 into the segment: "There's a guy named Steve [last name] he's a technician at the NASA Space Center. He monitors the power grid. He's out - he has two co-workers that have special needs kids and he's trying to help them. But in the mean time two technicians are doing the work of what ten used to do. And so the missions - the center's missions - and even the International Space Station - is at risk now because they are working short-handed and having higher stress on the job - two people trying to do what ten did."

Keith's note: If the ISS is not being maintained per NASA safety and mission requirements the crew will be brought home. Simple. There is no indication that this is even being considered right now. As such, the crew is safe and not in danger of becoming unsafe. Until/unless that situation changes it is simply inaccurate to raise this as a risk. However it is totally accurate to mention workload levels, stress, hardship, and the overall terrible situation that confronts the larger NASA family right now. If those things combine to put the ISS at risk, then its time to raise that issue - and to hear that coming directly from Jim Bridenstine himself.

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