NASA Furlough Update (Revised)

Keith's note: With one exception in the Jim Bridenstine memo - in one sentence - these memos deal only with the impact of the shutdown on NASA civil servants - not on contractor employees. Contractor employees are not being paid either and may never be paid.

NASA Internal Employee Memo: An Update to the Furlough

"While many of you may not immediately see this message, I wanted to send a note of thanks to the entire NASA family. Your dedication is an inspiration to everyone caught up in this furlough and your ongoing work is vital to the safety and success of NASA. During a lapse in funding by the federal government there are many routines and procedures that must be followed. Many of these happen behind the scenes. However, one of those procedures will be visible as a second round of furlough notices will be distributed. After the first 30 days during a lapse of funding, agencies are required to deliver another furlough notice. You do not need to take any additional action.

I want you to know how much I appreciate your patience and commitment during this unique time in American history. I understand this furlough is a real hardship for many of you and while civil servants will eventually receive back pay, the situation is not as clear for many of our family members in the contracting community. We are working with procurement and contracting officers to mitigate the impacts for you as we all look forward to the ultimate resolution of this lapse in appropriations."

Message to the Workforce from Bob Gibbs, Chief Human Capital Officer/Assistant Administrator, Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer - Important Information Related to the Government Shutdown - January 22, 2019

"e. I'm hearing a rumor that Reduction in Force (RIF) regulations and rules apply since the furlough is lasting longer than 30 calendar days, is this true? No, per the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), Reduction in Force (RIF) regulations and SES competitive furlough requirements are not applicable to emergency shutdown furloughs because the ultimate duration of an emergency shutdown furlough is unknown at the outset and is dependent entirely on Congressional action, rather than agency action.

2. Back Pay. The President signed S.24 the "Federal Employee Fair Treatment Act of 2019," into law. The bill guarantees that Federal civil servant workers at departments/agencies affected by any lapse in appropriations that begins on or after December 22, 2018, will receive wages withheld during the shutdown. Even with the passage of the bill, salaries for any employees cannot not be paid until after a Continuing Resolution (CR) or FY 2019 appropriations legislation is signed and we are back to work. After we return to work, we will work quickly to retroactively pay employees. Additional guidance and information on retroactive timekeeping will be provided after normal operations resume."

NASA Ames Internal Memo: Second Notice of Decision - Furlough (Non-Excepted)

"For NASA, almost all "excepted employees" are those involved in protection of life or property. Because your services are not needed to conduct one of the excepted activities, your position is designated as non-excepted and you are being placed in a furlough status, effective January 23, 2019."

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