NASA's Ability To Process Research Proposals Is Shutting Down

Keith's note: If you go to NASA NSPIRES (NASA Solicitation and Proposal Integrated Review and Evaluation System) website you will see the following notice:

"The NSPIRES Help Desk is not available due to a power outage in the building. Expect responses to your email inquiries within 24 hours. The phone service is not available. If the partial federal shutdown extends past January 31, then NSPIRES will be unavailable due to a lack of funding."

SMD AA Thomas Zurbuchen issued a series of tweets today via @Dr_ThomasZ: "NASA recognizes that researchers plan research, budgets & hiring 6 - 12 months in advance due to proposal evaluation & selection timelines. Unfortunately, during the shutdown, Notices of Intent (NOIs) and proposal due dates have to be postponed to undetermined future dates. The postponements related to the partial government shutdown have introduced uncertainty into this planning and may lead to some adjustments. A blanket amendment to Research Opportunities in Space and Earth (ROSES) 2018 will be issued, noting that:

1) All due dates should be assumed to be "TBD" as long as the government continues to be shut down.
2) New dates will be announced as soon as possible once the government reopens
3) The ROSES 2019 initially planned on Feb. 14 will be delayed significantly
4) There will be no ROSES-18 or ROSES-19 proposal due dates earlier than 60 days following the end of the partial government shutdown."

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