Blue Origin Reveals Blue Moon

Blue Origin Reveals Its Lunar Lander

"Note: Blue Origin held an event in Washington DC today SpaceRef Interactive/NASAWatch and number of other news organizations were denied attendance. The company also decided not to livestream the event. It is difficult to understand why Blue Origin acts this way when it comes to making announcements. Their press release is below: ... Today, Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos announced his vision to go to space to benefit Earth at a special event in Washington D.C. In addition, he also announced the Blue Moon lunar lander, which is capable of taking people and payloads to the lunar surface."

Jeff Bezos is about to speak publicly about Blue Origin, his secretive rocket company, CNN

"Things are different this week. Blue Origin is hosting a rare event with media in Washington, DC, on Thursday. Bezos himself is scheduled to speak, but it's not entirely clear what will be discussed. The invitations said that Bezos plans to give an update on Blue Origin's "progress and share our vision of going to space to benefit Earth." Spokespeople for Blue Origin declined to share further details."

Keith's note: Once again Blue Origin is playing favorites with the news media - some are invited - others are not.. I wonder if the Washington Post was invited?

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