Dear NASA: Please Tell Us More About Your New #Moon2024 Suit

Keith's note: I sent this request to NASA PAO: With regard to this @NASA tweet:

"Will the lunar EVA suit to be used on the lunar surface in 2024 be developed in-house at NASA or will it be procured through the standard NASA contracting process from an external vendor? Can you provide me with the name of that spacesuit, where it is being developed, the contractor(s) involved in its development, what the budget is for its development, and when specifications for that suit will be ready for inclusion in an RFP? If there is no specific suit under development, can you describe the procurement strategy i.e. when will a down select of concepts be made, when will an RFP will be issued, when will test models will be delivered for testing, and when will the suit be first used in space?"

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