Follow the Apollo 11 Mission in Real Time

Follow the Apollo 11 Mission in Real Time

Apollo 11 in Real Time

"This website replays the Apollo 11 mission as it happened, 50 years ago. It consists entirely of historical material, all timed to Ground Elapsed Time--the master mission clock. Footage of Mission Control, film shot by the astronauts, and television broadcasts transmitted from space and the surface of the Moon, have been painstakingly placed to the very moments they were shot during the mission, as has every photograph taken, and every word spoken."


- Ben Feist: Ben is a software engineer and historian at NASA JSC and Goddard. He created the concept, research, mission data restoration, audio restoration, video, software architecture and programming. Follow @BenFeist for updates.

- Stephen Slater: Archive Producer, historical audio/footage synchronization
- Chris Bennett: Visual design, interface styling and programming
- David Charney: Visual design
- Arnfinn Holderer: Audio restoration programming
- Robin Wheeler: Photography timing, transcript corrections

Marc's note: This is brilliantly done.

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