NASA's CIO Is Officially Angry About Her Commuter Bus Website (Update)

Keith's 4:38 pm update: As it happens this commuter bus tweet was not even made by Renee Wynn but rather by someone else who has access to the @NASACIO Twitter account (even though the face on the Twitter page is Renee Wynn's). This error went unnoticed for more than 5 hours hours until NASAWatch pointed it out. And it took another 5 hours before an indirect message was sent to me explaining what had happened.

To be certain this was an innocuous tweet made by a frustrated DC commuter. But this Twitter account belongs to the NASA CIO - the Chief Information Officer. They are in charge of oversight for all NASA communications and IT. This is troubling to say the least given that use of this account is apparently not monitored by anyone at the NASA CIO organization; that this account has been used by CIO staff (who should know something about the whole IT thing) for things that are blatantly personal and utterly inappropriate; and that the organization who is responsible for proper use of IT at NASA cannot even admit their own mistakes - yet they will hound others at NASA who make them. You can hardly blame people at NASA for ignoring the CIO organization when they do things like this.

Keith's 1:51 pm update: The tweet has been deleted. It used to say "Talk about burying the lead--I had to click through three pages on the PRTC / OmniRide website to even know there was a bus driver strike and what to do about it. Nothing on their Facebook page. Not cool people... -- NASA OCIO (@NASAcio) August 5, 2019" Luckily I employed another advanced Internet concept that the CIO is seemingly unaware of: a screen grab. FWIW I actually first noticed this @NASACIO tweet at 7:27 am. It was only after it was mentioned on NASAWatch hours later that it was pulled down. So much for the notion that the NASA CIO pays a lot of attention to social media.

Keith's original 12:22 pm note: Kinda funny that NASA CIO Renee Wynn uses her official Twitter account to complain about a bus schedule. Yet when it comes to complying with government guidance on cybersecurity Wynn's office refuses to reply to all media inquiries and routinely gets failing scores on her office's progress from Congres. Now, Wynn's office is co-charted by the NASA Administrator to fix the inefficiencies and redundancies within NASA's internet presence - something the the current CIO has utterly ignored through her time at NASA. Lets hope that she starts to pay the same amount of time looking at NASA websites as she pays to the design of her commuter bus' website. Also, FWIW, if you used #omniride and #PTRC hashtags in your tweet they might actually see your complaint a little more easily. Its one of these Internet tricks you are apparently unaware of.

Oh yes the phrase is "burying the lede" not "lead". Just sayin'.

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