AIAA Responds To Diversity Concerns

AIAA Memo Regarding Diversity, AIAA

"Increasing the diversity of the aerospace community and the future workforce has been--and continues to be--a mission priority for AIAA. We've been seeing improvements in recent years, especially through the hard work of our dedicated AIAA Diversity Working Group. This year all 10 of the 2019 AIAA graduate awards were presented to highly qualified students, all male. These were the most qualified students based on the blind selection process. However, the aerospace industry and AIAA need to better represent the diverse world around us. .... It will take years of intentional, hard--but important--work to increase the percentage of women and underrepresented minorities in our industry, but we must achieve this moral imperative. I urge everyone to help build a stronger more diverse workforce for the future."

AIAA Shuns Gender Diversity In Scholarship Selections, earlier post

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