Some Space Force Fans Actually Want To Build Starfleet

A Speech For The Next SECAF To Launch A New Era Of Spacepower, Peter Garretson, War On The Rocks

"But Congress also has a much broader view concerned with comprehensive national power. Our Congress and our industry have vast visions. They want to mine the Moon and asteroids, to build giant solar power stations, to move industry off Earth, to become a multi-planetary, even star-faring species, and for millions of Americans to live and work in space. They want to transform it from a mere $500 billion industry to an industry worth tens to hundreds of trillions. And, here is the kicker: They want a U.S. Space Force up there to protect it. They aren't just talking about support for terrestrial warfighting -- not just spotter balloons for artillery. They aren't just talking about satellites circling the planet -- not just coastal fishing vessels forever in sight of the shore. They are anticipating blue water operations in the great beyond. ... Congress has given us a task -- to build a Space Corps. We all have a lot to do. But if you really think about it, it is pretty exciting -- our generation gets to build Starfleet."

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