Selling Space Force To The Public

Barrett, Rogers consider declassifying secretive space programs, Defense News

"As members of the Armed Services Committee and the defense appropriators, we get it. But we have to have our other colleagues in the Congress to be supportive of us making the changes we need and the resources we need into this," he said. "It's not going to happen until they understand the threat and the dependence we have. And I don't think that can happen until we see significant declassification of what we're doing in space and what China and Russia are doing, and how space is in their day-to-day lives." Once Americans have access to that currently classified data, they will throw their support behind a Space Force, he concluded. "The lack of an understanding really does hurt us in doing things that we need to do in space," added Barrett. "There isn't a constituency for space even though almost everyone uses space before their first cup of coffee in the morning."

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