Boeing Has A Lot Of Problems These Days

Keith's 24 Jan note: Boeing has a lot of damage control to do these days - managerially and PR-wise. Interestingly, as these various problems have popped up for Boeing, they have stopped most of the in-your-face social media (see below) and traditional PR efforts - especially here in Washington DC. Add in the $62 million that its fired CEO gets as he walks out the door it is probably a good idea for the Boeing PR shop to lay low and let the company focus on fixing things.

Keith's 25 Jan update: I was contacted by Boeing who agreed that a tweet by one of their communications staff was inappropriate and it has since been removed. My personal appreciation to Boeing for reaching out to contact me in a professional manner on this issue.

Boeing-built DirecTV satellite may explode in orbit after suffering unexpected malfunction, CNBC

"But DirecTV is now under a time crunch, as a Boeing review of the satellite's data found Spaceway-1′s batteries "cannot be guaranteed to withstand the pressures needed to support safe operation of the spacecraft in eclipse operations." Spaceway-1 is currently relying on solar power but, with the satellite set to pass into Earth's shadow on Feb. 25, the company said Spaceway-1 must be taken out of orbit and decommissioned. Additionally, the satellite should discharge its remaining fuel, the company said, "to reduce the risk of accidental explosion."

Boeing drops out of DARPA Experimental Spaceplane program, SpaceNews

"In a Jan. 22 statement to SpaceNews, DARPA spokesman Jared Adams said that Boeing had notified the agency of its decision to exit the Experimental Spaceplane Program "immediately." DARPA didn't state why Boeing was dropping out of the program. "Following a detailed review, Boeing is ending our role in the Experimental Spaceplane (XSP) program immediately," Boeing spokesman Jerry Drelling said. "We will now redirect our investment from XSP to other Boeing programs that span the sea, air and space domains."

Fallout from Boeing 737 MAX spreads in Kansas, Oklahoma, Yahoo

"The layoffs follow Spirit's Jan. 10 announcement that it was laying off 2,800 workers in Wichita, where the company is based. Austin said in an email that Spirit is laying off the workers because of uncertainty about when production might resume for the 737 MAX, which was grounded last March after crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia killed 346 people."

NASA OIG: NASA's Management of Crew Transportation to the International Space Station

"In our examination of the CCP contracts, we found that NASA agreed to pay an additional $287.2 million above Boeing's fixed prices to mitigate a perceived 18-month gap in ISS flights anticipated in 2019 for the company's third through sixth crewed missions and to ensure the company continued as a second commercial crew provider. For these four missions, NASA essentially paid Boeing higher prices to address a schedule slippage caused by Boeing's 13-month delay in completing the ISS Design Certification Review milestone and due to Boeing seeking higher prices than those specified in its fixed price contract. In our judgment, the additional compensation was unnecessary given that the risk of a gap between Boeing's second and third crewed missions was minimal when the Agency conducted its analysis in 2016."

Starliner's thruster performance receiving close scrutiny from NASA, Ars Technica

"Although it did not fly up to the altitude of the space station and perform a rendezvous and docking during its test flight, Starliner did fly an "abort demonstration" that simulated approaching and backing away from the space station. The NASA source said Boeing may also have failed this test due to thruster issues. Boeing denied this. "In testing the system the spacecraft executed all the commands, but we did observe a lower than expected delta V during the backing away phase," Boeing said in a statement. "Current evidence indicates the lower delta V was due to the earlier cautionary thruster measures, but we are carefully reviewing data to determine whether this demonstration should be repeated in the subsequent mission."

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John Glenn Memorial Symposium - July 18-20, 2022
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