Boeing Restarts Its EUS Lobbying Campaign On Social Media

Keith's note: Boeing has restarted its social media campaign on Facebook which means they are mining your Facebook user data for other uses that it is not bothering to tell you about. The Boeing ad points you to this page But this is how it tracks the social media user from Facebook with a campaign they call "slsphase2" ...

When you get to the page it says "Additional missions are planned with this configuration as the even more powerful Block 1B version of the rocket is designed and built. This follow-on, evolved two-stage configuration will provide a lift capability of more than 105 metric tons, using the Boeing-built Exploration Upper Stage."

Hmmm ... "slsphase2" Boeing is being rather blunt in what it sees this effort as. Unless I missed something NASA has not ordered production of EUS. As you may recall from the NASA Authorization Act wording in draft House legislation Boeing has been lobbying hard for the EUS and excluing private sector commercial alternatives at the same time.

Back in December Jim Bridenstine called B.S. on these efforts by Boeing, telling the Washington post "... any plan that requires an EUS to be ready by 2024 is a plan that reduces the probability of success. It's just not going to be ready. ... "All of our contractors lobby Congress to achieve what is in their best interest even though it may not be in the best interest of the nation," Bridenstine said in an interview. "This is another example of that. My job as NASA administrator is to make sure we do what's right for the country, and for the taxpayer."

And of course Boeing wants you to forget that the SLS is billions over budget, years behind schedule, and is still a year or more away from flying. They most certainly want you to forget that SpaceX is flying Falcon Heavy rockets and is preparing to test its immense Starship. Meanwhile development of Blue Origin's monster rocket New Glenn is underway.

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John Glenn Memorial Symposium - July 18-20, 2022
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