ASAP Sees Little To Worry About During COVID-19

Keith's note: You would think that there would be more in terms of safety for the ASAP to discuss in a pubic meeting during a period when NASA is getting ready to launch the first crew from American soil in nearly a decade - and a billion dollar Mars rover in July - given that virtually the entire agency is working from home and will be for many weeks - perhaps months - to come. Apparently not.

Highlights: On the ground Artemis planning continues while anything having to do with hardware is on hold. The human lander solicitation choices will be announced soon. SpaceX is more or less ready to go for its crewed flight while Boeing still has another un-crewed (re)flight and lots of work to do. Orion parachute tests are moving ahead. There are only 3 people on ISS right now. This means half the crew time and limited EVA capabilities (so EVAs are on hold). Crew size will eventually increase to 6 once commercial crew flights start up. Due to scheduling issues there may be a U.S. seat on Soyuz flights and a Russian seat on U.S. commercial flights. ISS lifetime operation plans until 2028 may be affected by aging systems so ASAP wants NASA to identify whatever systems might pose a failure risk prior to 2028 and offer up a plan to replace or repair these systems.

As noted below there was some discussion about de-orbiting the ISS. ASAP credits itself with getting NASA to talk about their plans. Oddly, the program has had a requirement to de-orbit the ISS since the program began back in the 1990s - and before that in the Space Station Freedom program. Indeed we posted an overview of that plan back in 1999. As such it is a little weird that NASA would say that they have no plan to de-orbit ISS - especially given all of the various lifetime discussions that have been going on.

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