Beware Of Using Zoom

Thousands of Zoom video calls left exposed on open Web, MSN

"Thousands of personal Zoom videos have been left viewable on the open Web, highlighting the privacy risks to millions of Americans as they shift many of their personal interactions to video calls in an age of social distancing. Videos viewed by The Washington Post included one-on-one therapy sessions; a training orientation for workers doing telehealth calls that included people's names and phone numbers; small-business meetings that included private company financial statements; and elementary-school classes, in which children's faces, voices and personal details were exposed. Many of the videos include personally identifiable information and deeply intimate conversations, recorded in people's homes."

Zoom: We're freezing all new features to sort out security and privacy, ZDNet

"US space agency NASA has also banned employees from using Zoom. Yesterday, researchers detailed two new security bugs found in the Zoom app. The Zoom Windows client was leaking network credentials due to the app rendering UNC file paths as a clickable link in group chat windows."

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