COVID-19 Will Touch Every Single One Of You (Update)

Message From The NASA Administrator: Prioritize Your Health & Safety, NASA

"The health and safety of the NASA workforce is our top priority as we navigate the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. For that reason, I want to re-emphasize a point I raised during our March 25 town hall - any employee who is reporting to work on-site but does not feel comfortable continuing to do so should not be afraid to raise that concern with his or her supervisor. Alternate work arrangements will be made without reprisal."

Keith's note: My next door neighbor who has often been a surrogate mother to me after I lost mine is in the hospital with COVID-19. The mother of one of my close friends is also in the hospital with COVID-19. And I just learned this morning that a friend's father died from COVID-19 yesterday. To everyone reading these words: this will happen to someone you know - someone you care about. Perhaps even you. Do what Jim says to do and we'll all get beyond this.

Keith's update: My elderly neighbor is now home after 1 week and a half in the hospital with COVID-19. My friend Scott's family is not doing well. It would be wise to heed his advice.

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