Lots Of NASA@Work Ideas Were Generated. Can We See Them?

NASA Administrator Message: NASA@Work - As Only NASA Can, NASA

"As NASA teams worked on several national and local response efforts, leadership called on the entire workforce for additional ideas of how the agency's capabilities can help with the national COVID-19 response. In just two weeks, we received over 250 ideas via our internal crowdsourcing platform NASA@WORK - about five times the average number of responses we've seen for other NASA@WORK challenges. Thank you to everyone who offered ideas as well as those who logged in to view, comment and vote on the submissions. More than 500 comments and over 4,500 votes were cast, demonstrating the widespread interest in collaboration the NASA community has to contribute to ideas."

Keith's note: So ... will the public ever get to see these NASA@WORK ideas?

Bring Your Ideas to NASA@WORK, earlier post

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