NASA's COVID-19 Reality Check System Is Broken

Keith's note: Nearly a week ago I sent a note to the folks at NASA HQ who worry about unauthorized use of the NASA logos and inaccurate claims of NASA endorsement of products or services. No one from NASA bothered to respond. It would seem my warning/inquiry had little effect since you can still buy this NASA logo branded thing online that claims "ReSPR SeLF's NASA Authorized edition utilizes proprietary technology based on NASA research. The SeLF generates a powerful ionic wind, creating a 5 cubic foot shield of more than 7 million unipolar charged ions that prevents particles from entering your breathing space."

Strange that NASA allows stuff like this to stay online with overt claims of NASA endorsement while NASA PAO is overtly promoting COVID-19 inventions that the agency has created. Is there no reality check function operating at NASA any more?

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