Space Travel Offers Lessons On Dealing With Confinement

Space Medicine Research Program Focuses on People Struggling with Confinement - Online resource addresses stress, depression and conflict, Dartmouth College

"These resources are meant to make anyone better at stress management, depression treatment and conflict resolution," said Dr. Jay Buckey, a professor of medicine at Dartmouth's Geisel School of Medicine. "These are self-help tools. The individual is doing the work. The tools offer practical things that people can do in any environment." Buckey, a former astronaut and currently the director of Geisel's Space Medicine Innovations Lab, flew aboard the space shuttle Columbia in 1998. Buckey and his research colleagues at Dartmouth, Harvard, and UCLA developed the tools over more than a decade."

Former Astronaut Teaches COVID-19 Management Course

"As scientists, doctors, and governments try to get a grip on COVID-19, surgeon and partner of ES4P David Joyce, MD MBA, and Emergency Medical physician and former NASA astronaut Scott Parazynski, MD, are partnering to offer a new online course on COVID-19 for healthcare providers."

The Parallels Between Space Missions And COVID-19 Isolation

"Jack Stuster has been conducting studies for NASA on how crews live and work in space and the parallels that can be found with expeditions on Earth for decades. He has provided this commentary about confinement and isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic and the parallels within his studies."

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