Will People Really Stay Away From The SpaceX Crew Launch? (Update)

SpaceX launch: local officials scramble to plan for crowds on heels of coronavirus, Florida Today

"The launch is set for May 27, but Gov. DeSantis has not indicated yet what will be reopened by then. The governor did say Tuesday during a trip to the White House that he will make an announcement Wednesday about "Phase 1" of his reopening plan for Florida. "We're gonna approach it in a very measured, thoughtful and data-driven way, and I think that's what most of the folks throughout the state are looking for," DeSantis said as he sat next to President Donald Trump. Malik agrees with this plan. "I'm hoping by then things are better. I like the phased approach of opening some things up. We can't go from zero to 100 in a second," Malik said. But his goal is for hotels, restaurants and beaches to be open by the May 27 launch date. Now local officials are racing to devise a plan to deal with any crowds that do show up, even if it is comprised mostly of local residents cramming the beaches."

Florida governor: Keep movie theaters closed, no sporting events until 'far in the future', Politico

"Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is still formulating a plan to reopen Florida's economy, said on Saturday he does not envision movie theaters or bars opening any time soon -- or allowing sporting events with fans until "far in the future." DeSantis this week has contended that Florida's "measured" approach to shutting down the economy amid the coronavirus pandemic has "flattened the curve." The Republican governor set up a task force to examine reopening the economy, and he is supposed to start reviewing its recommendations next week."

Keith's note: A few days ago Jim Bridenstine asked people to "join us for this launch - but do so from home. We are asking people not to travel to Kennedy Space Center." OK, so what happens when the Governor of Florida starts to push hard to open more things up - like the beaches around KSC? What happens if the White House decides that this launch is something that that they want people to cheer on? NASA and the White House have been hyping the "launch Americans in American rockets from American soil again" thing for years. I have seen launches from just about every location around the Cape and there is no way you are going to enforce meaningful social distancing on the causeways or beaches. People are going to want to see this - and all of us space fans are happy that they do..

But ... "Allowing sporting events with fans until 'far in the future.' " Hmm ... rocket launches with tens of thousands of people on the causeways and highways all huddled together certainly bears some similarity to sporting events. I wonder if launches are included in this broad categorization of things. 27 May is only one month away. How does "far in the future" relate to the next month? Stay tuned.

NASA: Do not come to Florida for SpaceX's historic astronaut launch, WKTV

"We're trying to make sure we have access to the International Space Station without drawing the massive amount of crowds that we usually would," Bridenstine told reporters Thursday. NASA said it is not inviting any spectators to the launch site at Kennedy Space Center. In Brevard County, Florida, county officials are also discouraging tourists from showing up to the area's beaches and other popular launch viewing sites. "We know there's a lot of excitement about returning humans to spaceflight, and we're proud that it's happening here in our county - but everyone is safer at home right now," Don Walker, the county board of commissioner's communications director, said. If people do flock to Brevard County, Walker added, they should expect "a headache and a half." Public parking is closed along the county's entire 72-mile stretch of coastline. Restaurants are still shut down, and hotels are not welcoming guests. If that is still the situation next month, Walker said an influx of tourists could leave people gridlocked in traffic and stranded on roadways."

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