Where's The Video Of VP Pence Chatting With the ISS Crew?

Readout from the Vice President's and Second Lady's Call to NASA Astronauts aboard the International Space Station

"The Vice President and Second Lady congratulated the astronauts and led a discussion of their experience living and working in space as part of Expedition 63, including upcoming planned space walks. All three astronauts previously flew on Shuttle missions to the ISS, and Vice President Pence asked what it means to them personally to be involved in this historic mission. The Second Lady asked the astronauts what advice they would give to young Americans they have inspired to become space professionals. Vice President Pence thanked the astronauts for their courageous service and professionalism as the United States leads again in space. He assured them that they have the confidence and the prayers of the American people."

Keith's note: That's nice. So why hasn't video of the actual conversation been released? Apparently it was an innocuous chit chat sort of thing but why can't we hear what was actually said?

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