American Science Strategy Mess: COVID-19 Fail - Space Science ... ?

The crisis that shocked the world: America's response to the coronavirus, Washington Post

"Six months after the coronavirus appeared in America, the nation has failed spectacularly to contain it. The country's ineffective response has shocked observers around the planet. Many countries have rigorously driven infection rates nearly to zero. In the United States, coronavirus transmission is out of control. The national response is fragmented, shot through with political rancor and culture-war divisiveness. Testing shortcomings that revealed themselves in March have become acute in July, with week-long waits for results leaving the country blind to real-time virus spread and rendering contact tracing nearly irrelevant."

Keith's note: And the same White House that has put 328.2 million Americans at risk of serious illness and death as a direct result of its incompetent and woefully ignorant understanding of basic Biology wants to go back to the Moon, to do "science" there, etc. How can we lead in space when we have failed so spectacularly on Earth?

Yes, you detect blatant editorial bias. Get used to it.

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